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Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC.
After five years our practice had outgrew its original building and technological needs. In addition to our physical lack of space, our network and computer systems were a mismanaged mess. Frequent downtime due to viruses, computer crashes, and overall poor design, along with the potential loss of critical data made it apparent that professional help and support was necessary to remain productive and competitive. It was during this time of great transition we consulted SimplifiedIT, who provided the design, experience, and support to make our move seamless.
Prior to discovering SimplifiedIT, we shopped IT firms in the area looking for someone to provide us solutions. Many firms responded to our distress calls by suggesting a wrecking ball approach of replacing all hardware and restarting from scratch. While this approach would work, it was simply too costly and time consuming – especially during a period where time and money meant the most. Other firms replaced the wrecking ball for band-aids. These firms were willing to charge premium hourly rates to troubleshoot problems as they occur, but not address the root causes or perform proactive monitoring to avoid further downtime and hourly service fees. Neither method solved the problem at hand – remaining cost effective while achieving reliability.
Before setting up our meeting with Josh from SimplifiedIT, we were expecting yet another proposal of the same “solutions”. However, Josh took the time and effort to truly consider our situation. The first step began by him appraising and inspecting all of our hardware and software installations. Josh then collaborated with us over several occasions to better understand our current and future business needs. Thereafter, he drafted a plan to migrate the network to our new location, make upgrades along the way, and correct underlying issues that had been plaguing us for years; while engineering a new design that prepares us for the years ahead. Additionally, he thoroughly explained his strategy from beginning to end in a manner we could understand.
After partnering with SimplifiedIT they wasted no time in repairing and securing our network. The next day work began, and shortly after a very noticeable difference has been made. Systems began running faster, remote access to our systems from home was reliable, data backups are now performed daily both on and off site, the newly installed antivirus software found and removed several viruses from many workstations that previously went undetected, and proactive monitoring software is running to find problems before they affect our business. Moreover, SimplifiedIT techs have been integral with our wiring needs, telephone and faxing support, internet services support, and EMR support.
Throughout the months it took to prepare and move our practice SimplifiedIT was readily available. Emergency outages that used to prevent the practice from running for a day or two are now resolved in minutes to hours. Non-critical situations are generally resolved by the end of the business day, and if they are not, an email or phone call is received explaining when a resolution can be expected. No longer does my practice wonder when or if something will work again – an invaluable piece of mind.
Senator Dr. Tom Takubo, DO
Managing Partner/Physician
Pulmonary Associates of Charleston, PLLC, South Charleston, WV