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Dr. John A. Wade, MD, Inc.
I am a double specialty physician in Otolaryngology and Allergy located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. My office recently purchased the PrimeSuite EHR medical system. I can say emphatically that the implementation of this system would have never been possible without the help and expertise of Josh Shriver and his staff at SimplifiedIT.
Even though I am a solo practitioner I have a large staff with multiple departments; surgery, allergy, audiology and clinic. I also have another office which I have to access remotely. We have numerous workstations with scanners and numerous laptops. SimplifiedIT has worked with us to purchase exactly the hardware we need. They have been prompt in installation and implementation. This has not been easy for them I am sure as we are located more than 50 miles from Charleston. They came as promised with a smile on their face. They are continuing their promise as we continue to challenge them with our needs.
I already had a custom template that I wanted to duplicate as much as possible. The person we hired to help us with this customization and training was selected by Greenway. If SimplifiedIT had not completed and repaired the damage done by this “trainer” our software would not have worked as I had intended.
I highly recommend SimplifiedIT.
John A. Wade, MD
Dr. John A. Wade, MD, Inc., Point Pleasant, WV